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Zap Home Realty and ./ (herein, collectively referred to as "Zap") is fully committed to your privacy. "Zap" will not sell or share your information with any other parties that are not directly involved with your transaction. "Zap" will also not share your information without your permission, unless required by law.

Although our site(s) utilizes the use of "cookies" to collect and store information relating to your visit, these cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information and are only used to enhance the experience of your visit to our website(s).

At no time will you be asked for personal information such as your social security number or driver’s license number when you utilize our website(s) to search for homes. If, after selecting a home, you do decide to proceed with an offer to purchase, some personal information may be gathered in order to process your offer. This may include your FICO score, cash down payment, and your ability to obtain financing. This information may also be stored on our server(s) but will only be accessible by the relevant parties necessary to facilitate your request.

"Zap" maintains secure website(s) and access is restricted from outside parties for any company content or personal information. Although we do everything in our power to maintain the security of information in our possession, we cannot guarantee it.

We do not require you to register to use our site(s) and you are not bound or obligated to do a real estate transaction with our company or one of our associates. Use of our site(s) does imply that you have read, and agree with, our policies and terms & conditions (herein, collectively referred to as "policies"). You also agree that any issues or claims arising from any information or statements made within our website(s) will be settled by arbitration. You agree to indemnify Zap against any and all liabilities and expenses resulting from the use of our website(s).

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