Zap Home Realty - Terms and Conditions

All real estate commissions are negotiable by law. We do not require any Buyer utilizing our services to sign a One-Party Buyer Representation Agreement. If you are working with another Real Estate Agent on the same property, it is only appropriate to work through the transaction with the Agent who showed you the property or procured the lead.

With regard to “Zapâ€â€™s Buyer commission rebate, “Zap†will refund the agreed written commission rebate which is paid at the successful closing of a home which you purchase with Zap Home Realty as your Agent. The commission to be split will be that amount which is paid by the Listing Broker and represented in the Multiple Listing Service. The commission rebate will be paid to the Buyer(s) and Buyer(s) will be responsible for any state and federal taxes which may be owed on this rebate.

Zap Home Realty offers a cancellation clause to any of its listings provided that your home is not under contract with a current Buyer and/or in escrow. If you find that you are not satisfied with our marketing efforts you can cancel your listing by faxing or emailing a written notice to your Agent. Again, this only applies if your home is not in escrow or under contract with a Buyer. "Zap" does not charge any advance listing fees, upfront advertising fees, or file management fees to utilize our services. We offer a full service marketing effort which includes the Multiple Listing Service (MLS),, open houses, and an extensive direct marketing campaign.